Mouca is a "family-run" DIY music, poetry, and video label based between Porto and Berlin. Since the summer of 2012, Augusto Lima and Charlotte Thießen have been recording tapes at home, running to the printer and inserting covers into cassette cases, while establishing contacts with stunning new artists as well as cultivating strong relationships with a core group of friends who are indeed the soul of the label. Mouca aims to provide an open and effective platform for smaller artistic projects.
As independent promoter "Mouco," Augusto Lima has a long history of putting on shows in Porto, which gave him the opportunity to come together with artists such as Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips, Nick Krgovich, Chris Brokaw or Lee Ranaldo.. Their contributions and collaborations with the label have not only resulted in exciting new music but also promoted the visibility of the emerging artists put out by Mouca. Furthermore the collaboration with renowned Spanish label Acuarela has facilitated spreading the music they care about as far as possible.
In the end, it's all about keeping close contact with the lively and ever-changing music scene that inspires Mouca, as well as giving the artists the best possible conditions.

In 2014 both friends Chad Matheny and Gabriella Seemann joined the team!
Mouca started also operating from the city of Vilnius in Lithuania!